Users reportedly find green lines on phone screens after software update, visit service centers for help

Green lines appear on users’ phone screens after software update

Since about a year ago or more, phone users, specifically those who own smartphones from Samsung and Apple, have reported seeing lines on the screen of their devices after updating them.

Unfortunately, this seems to have become a more universal problem among customers lately.

Several netizens have taken to social media to claim that they have seen the same lines appear after updating the software on their phones.

Green lines appear on phone screens allegedly after software update

According to users online, they started facing the problem only after installing a software update on their device.

A netizen said on Facebook on October 22 that shortly after updating the software on his Samsung Note 20 Ultra, a green line became visible.

After investigating the matter, he found that several green lines might appear on the device’s screen.

Another user said that after facing the same problem, she went to a Samsung repair center. The staff then offered to transfer the number to another device, but she declined as she had no other phone.

After getting used to the green line, she updated the software on her device again – only for a new pink line to appear on the screen.

She eventually paid S$54 for the repair and the service center staff told her not to install a similar update again.

A third user in Malaysia said her phone was in “very good condition” until a software update. The familiar green line then appeared on the screen, with a local service center quoting her a RM600 (S$173.49) repair fee.

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Issues affect devices from companies including Samsung and Apple

The Straits Times (ST) reports that Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus and Apple users reported facing the issue for devices made from 2020 onwards.

Between January 2022 and November 15 this year, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) received 12 complaints about the matter.

Users said they saw green, white or pink lines appear across their screens after a software update.

Speaking to ST, CASE president Melvin Yong said most cases were about customers seeking free repair or replacement from the manufacturer or agent.

However, their requests could not go through as the devices’ warranties had expired.

In two such situations, CASE intervened to resolve the dispute by negotiating with whoever had sold the phone, Yong said. He added that users facing a similar problem can contact CASE for help.

In response to inquiries from ST, a OnePlus spokesperson said: “We deeply understand the inconvenience to the affected users of this issue and we sincerely apologize for it.”

OnePlus and a Samsung spokesperson advised those who encountered the issue to contact their nearest authorized service center for assistance.

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