Ward County Sheriff’s Office to purchase wrapping technology

MINOT, ND (KMOT) – Ward County Commissioners approved the purchase of a less lethal device for Ward County’s Sheriff’s Office to use.

May. Larry Hubbard, on behalf of the department, requested about $14,000 for packaging technology.

He said it would be more helpful when dealing with someone experiencing a mental health episode.

The device wraps around the person’s ankles, legs or waist, and Hubbard said it is safer than an electronic shock device.

Commissioner Shelly Weppler talked about the logistics of where the funding will come from.

“At this point, we’re not talking about a large amount here that it makes sense to do this,” Weppler said.

Hubbard said their deputies deal with people with visible mental disabilities every month.

He said they expect to have the packaging technology within a few weeks.

Bola wrap(Isabella Kraft | KFYR-TV)
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