Watlow opens new Ceramic Technology Center in St. Louis headquarters

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) – Technology company Watlow has opened a ceramic technology center at its headquarters in St. Louis.

“The Ceramic Technology Center will allow us to research and develop the technologies our customers need, along with the data behind the technologies, so we can scale and grow the business,” said Rob Gilmore, Watlow’s chief executive. “The team working in this area will be responsible for ceramic research and development of materials and processes to support and improve our most advanced thermal systems.”

Watlow said materials will be developed at the center to improve the company’s thermal management systems for customers in semiconductors, medical devices, life sciences, green energy and other critical industries.

According to the company, the center will create 10-15 new high-tech jobs plus many more in the coming years. The company currently has over 600 employees in St. Louis.

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