What impact will connected and software-defined vehicles have on the automotive market? : IDTechEx webinar

Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are vehicles that can be customized, updated, and improved through software applications and services. Leveraging both software and connectivity, connected and software-defined vehicles offer a new level of convenience, personalization and functionality for drivers and passengers, as well as new opportunities for automakers and service providers to generate revenue and customer loyalty. However, SDVs also pose significant challenges and risks, such as cybersecurity, data privacy and regulation. How will SDVs shape the future of mobility and transportation, and what are the key drivers and barriers to their adoption and development?

Connected Vehicles not only unlock new features for functionality, they can also improve safety, reduce traffic congestion and make vehicles more sustainable, thanks to V2X technology. Using Wi-Fi (DSRC/ITS-G5) or cellular (C-V2X) protocols, V2X technology can take advantage of special parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to provide vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-traffic infrastructure with low latency to facilitate (V2I) communications. Deployment of V2X is highly dependent on regional regulations and integration of the safety technology into new vehicle assessment programs (NCAPs), which pose significant challenges to the global rollout of V2X.

In this webinar, IDTechEx technology analyst James Falkiner presents IDTechEx’s analysis of the SDV market, with insights from IDTechEx’s upcoming report, “Connected and Software-Defined Vehicles Market: 2024-2034.” He will discuss:

  • The definition and classification of SDVs, and how they differ from traditional vehicles
  • Key features and benefits of SDVs such as over-the-air updates, in-vehicle payments, AI-powered digital assistants and infotainment
  • An introduction to Connected Vehicle technologies and terminologies.
  • Key regional regulations regarding V2X technology for China, US, Europe, Japan, South Korea and India
  • The key players and partnerships in the V2X ecosystem
  • An insight into the current and expected market size and penetration of connected and software-defined vehicles
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